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Hey everyone! So I've been working hard to make sure these maps are as fantastic as possible, while still having that hand-made feel. Without getting into too much boring detail, frames got a slight style upgrade, my mounting system got fully overhauled, and I got a new air compressor and spray guns so your frames can be as clean as possible.

That sprayer is also used for painting the board white, so now the finish is extremely even and has way less artifacts and flaws. I generally don't worry too much about the odd tiny flaw and whatnot. These are hand-made for the most part and there's going to be tiny little things, but we love that about them. Every single map is different. Even if you order the same map as someone you know, you're getting your own custom piece. So the sprayer was added to the mix to give you the highest quality finish possible while all the blues are still brush-painted!

I've also been stockpiling frames and un-cut boards as well and building systems to store them so they don't get nicks or anything as well. I feel like the paint dries perfectly in warmer seasons and I don't want to worry about temperature issues, so to be safe I'm getting enough pieces ready to last me through winter. (Hopefully!)

Thanks again everyone for the support and all the order inquiries! Everything's going great and I've gotten so many new customers and inquiries from people who have been recommended my page from past customers and people who have seen my work hung up! So I appreciate that and hope it continues!!

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