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Official Website Launch

Here we go! After months of working solely off Instagram, I've finally launched the site. There's lots of little tweaks I'll be making! It's not perfect yet but it's a start. I'd appreciate if anyone would point out anything that's tough to read, or anything!

Instagram is still the easiest way for you guys to chat with me live, but not everyone uses it. If you fill out an inquiry form on here, you'll get the responses in e-mail form. For most businesses this is super great and convenient, but your map is extremely custom made specifically for you so there's a lot of back in forth. I'll possibly be sending you multiple zooms for you to choose from, recommendations, questions about locations for markers and coordinates, etc. So if you have Instagram, just sling me a message on there and we can have a really nice smooth back and forth and figure out exactly what you want! But if not, that form is there and we can figure it all out here. :D

I'm excited to expand this little local Winnipeg art thing to North America-wide and then worldwide. I have a few final touches on shipping that I need to figure out. I need to find out the cheapest and safest way to get these maps out to you guys, and I'm also working on some early stages of offering a larger size.

I'm kind of thinking 18"x27". For simplicity-sake and cost-sake, it's easier for me to just offer two sizes, but I'm open to possibly adding one that's in between. I really love my basic size (14"x20", ends up being about 15"x21" with a frame) but I do run into a few issues. The main one being that some people just want a larger map. A display piece over a couch might need to be larger in a big room so I'm excited for that larger size. Another issue is that in some really busy maps, it's hard to find space for a name label. With a larger map, I can fit the same sized name label in a much smaller spot since the map is so zoomed out. 18"x27" is actually over double the area of my base size though so that's a whole lot more work in every sense. These are all hand-painted so I need to take all that time and material cost into account for the pricing and whatnot.

I'm full of ideas so there's a WHOLE lot more coming up. I'll be adding a spot for you guys to enter your emails in to get some nice updates. I promise I won't spam you or sell your info. :) I wouldn't even know how if I wanted to. ;)


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