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Customize your map with any of the following options!

The base price of 14"x20" maps depends completely on the body of water. In general, maps start at anywhere from $320-$450, but there's always exceptions! Some can be cheaper, some can be more! Send me an inquiry and I'll check it out for you!

Options are engraved and are sandy in color


Name Label (Free!)

If you choose to include a name label, it's free of charge!

This label by default is the lake name with the province/state underneath it in a smaller font. If you'd like anything written that's different from that, let me know!


Coordinates (+$5)

Our coordinates are small, discrete, and engraved with a super thin border that can be placed in almost any spot.

All coordinates are displayed in the DMS Notation System. (Degrees, Minutes, Seconds)


Colour Schemes (Free!)

Lake Blues - By Default, your map will come with our hand-painted ocean blue scheme.

Platinum White - Does blue not work in your space? For a modern clean look, consider this scheme.

Others - Coming soon!


Roads and Paths ($+???)

The cost of adding engraved roads depends on the map. You can expect +$40 - +$80

These roads are hand-mapped with satellite imagery and then engraved. Remember that if your map is at a far enough zoom that roads are microscopic, they can't be added. Roads can only be added on fairly close up zooms. If you're interested, ask and we can chat with you about it!


Frame Options ($+0 - +$15)

By default, our maps have a low-profile white perimeter in which roads and depths end at. This creates the illusion of an integrated frame that eliminates 100% of the bulkiness of a frame. This option is free of charge.

If you're interested in a 3/8" thick white or black frame, it's an extra $15. These frames are permanently attached.


Compass (+$5)

If you'd like a compass, it will be placed in one of the corners of the map that has the least going on. Much like the name label, on certain maps a compass could cover some really interesting details, so if you're unsure, let us know and tell you if we think you should leave the compass out!

By default, our maps point north and so will your compass. If you'd like your map pointed a different direction, let us know and we'll talk about it!


Markers (+$5)

We currently offer 6 markers that can be places at any location you'd like. Keep in mind that if the location is on a really thin sandbar or a tight spot, it may be impossible to fit the marker on. Let us know what you're thinking and we'll chat about it!

Acrylic Paint Tubes

Additional Details ($+???)

Got an idea or something not listed here you'd like? Let us know!

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