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So I'm starting to launch a frameless option that I've been working on - Basically I engrave a 1mm thick border right along the line that all the depths go up to, it keeps the piece as low profile and non-bulky as possible while giving the illusion of an integrated frame. Two huge reasons I'm switching to this (I'll still have old frames as an option) is because


1) My frames cover about 1cm of depths and detail all the way around the perimeter, so if you get an actual frame it covers up a bit of good stuff along the perimeter of the maps. So the frameless option shows more artwork of the lake with nothing covered up. This is also an engraved line so it matches the white of the land later perfectly and is very low profile and non-bulky.


2) My frames are permanently attached so there's issues if someone ever wants to add glass with their own frame or just switch out the frame in general, so this method works since it's just an engraved line. Custom frames can be added later on.


So before I attach any frame onto the piece and before I officially launch this frameless method, I've been redirecting people here for some examples so they can make the choice. The engraved border is now automatically added to all frames but if you choose to go with one of the old frames, that'll cover up that engraved frame line. I personally prefer this new way and it will become the default very soon, so let me know if you're interested! Here's a couple images of various maps with the frameless option to help you decide. There's a little arrow button to scroll through some more examples!

So just send me a message and let me know if you're interested in this option and I can do that!

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