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After months of design and creation of a good variety of options, I'm almost ready to reveal my new Coordinate Boards. These are 2 foot long by 5 inch tall solid hardwood boards of the highest quality that look fantastic in anybody's home. Using the DMS Coordinate system for the most balanced looking display of coordinates in a number of styles and stains. All of these elements are engraved into the board rather than laser etched, giving a higher quality cleaner look. All the elements are spaced out for the cleanest look possible. Weathered black oxide steel bolts are positioned in the upper corners to make the boards look like they're bolted onto the wall, rather than hung. The boards have hanging hardware on the back that can be hung with a single nail or screw.

Options will include various symbols in the center. (Compass, Anchor, etc), different levels of complexity from a simple design to a more complex one with the option to have text written such as the location, and different types of wood and stains.

These haven't been announced yet, so if you've found your way to this page and are interested, send me a message on instagram and I'll send some photos.

The estimated price is $100, with a 25% discount on launch to any early-adopters!

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