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I'm an artist from Winnipeg, Canada. I started making these depth maps of local lakes and it got so much interest that I decided to turn this artistic hobby into a full blown adventure! My goals are to turn this into a world-wide art business while keeping the same personal customized hand-painted care and quality.

About your map

Your map will be fully customized to be exactly how you want it. Each map's shorelines and depths are hand-mapped with care. We cross-reference multiple sources of information and use various years of satellite imagery to make sure that every single nook and bay is just right.


We take pride in the quality and inclusion of all surrounding bodies of water and rivers on your map. If it's in the frame, it's on your map!


Make sure you check out the options page to see all of the options we offer. Fully customize your map with labels, a compass, markers, and coordinates! Or keep it blank for a modern sleek vibe.

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